I was getting’ real legless, I was feeling no
    Checkin’ out all the women playin’
    barroom games
    Ratin’ all the women from one to ten
    Said: “Bartender set them up again”
    Come on, have a drink on me
    Cut loose, make it double, three
    All right, gonna get me some
    Oh man, look what just walked in
    A woman so fine calls for sexual crime
    I said: “Hey, baby, your crib or mine?”
    She said: “Unless you’re a star or got a
    Or lotsa money, honey, don’t you talk to
    Come on, give me a break
    Cut loose, she slapped my face
    Oh, I knew it was love
    Oh, back off
    All I need is love
    Come on, lighten up, baby
    You gotta give me some, okay
    I just need me some love
    Asked another sweetie: “Can I buy you a
    Well she ordered everything but the
    barroom sink
    So, I figure I got me an investment here
    When, oh, King Kong’s double appears
    And he don’t share
    Come on, I did no wrong
    Cut loose, oh, he slid me down the bar
    Get down, get back up again
    Alright, well the message is clear
    Come on, give me a break
    Jump back, oh, she slapped my face
    Oh, I knew it was love
    Woke up next morning with a trash can
    When I looked to my left, oh know, I
    wished I was dead
    There’s Frankenstein’s daughter all curled
    up on me
    I said: “I gotta go home, it’s an emergency”
    She said: “But you are home”
    Come on, threw me back on the bed
    Get down, oh, she blew my head
    Oh man, never again
    Cut loose, too, too loose
    Oh no, I’m hittin’ the floor
    All right, I give in
    Come on baby, let’s do it again
    Come on, one more time, baby

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