So you wanna know what’s going on
    When we get wild, and we’re up until dawn
    The parties and the stories, they’re all true
    Ain’t nothing left when we’re through
    One distant land where it’s all sin and sand

    King of Sodom, I want the flesh
    Gotta have it, I love it to death
    King of Sodom, I eat’em alive
    Like a savage, the strong will survive

    Wicked souls, a hunger for lust
    You lay it down, we’re goin’ for bust
    We live a life, that’s hell of wheels
    You don’t know how it feels
    Ride the wind, and soon you’ll all be in


    Sodom and Gomorrah – ooh, sweet Gomorrah
    We’re the present tribe – the present tribe
    Children of the fire – of the fire
    Burning up alive, alive, alive, alive


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