Far away beyond the horizon,
    above the shadows of the horses hoofs,
    a maiden behind a golden shield
    in a chariot rides across the sky.

    Two ravens are above us,
    a long forgotten tale,
    how it is to reach the utter hail
    and the eyes of a Valkyrjur caress your heart…

    When a lightning strikes with pride
    and a thunder roars upon us,
    when the trees will be beckoned by their dew again
    the icecold mist shows us our way…

    Then be sure, oh thy heathenhearts,
    our time will soon be there,
    when the one-eyed God walks amidst us
    and the neighing will be deep inside of our hearts…

    One day we will tear the hearts
    of the ones who stay against us,
    the nine worlds are in our hands
    since we’ve found the key of Valgrind.

    No wolf will ever subdure us,
    oh Freya hear my words,
    forever I’ll be in your retinue
    and await to sense your breath…

    Once you will open your eyes
    while a maiden is kneeing at your side,
    and she will kiss you to awake
    for you will stride the mighty rainbowbridge…

    Two ravens are above you,
    they will show you the final way
    across the river and over the mountain,
    into the ardent awaited land…

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