Tell me when the world is ending
    You Won’t be there still pretending
    I was just someone you would love to love
    but never love
    I know people without substance
    Will fill themselves with substance
    But then, honey child
    There was us
    There still is

    I will come running
    running through the years
    hunting heart
    crushing fear
    I am still haunting
    down the road I know
    of the hell that that begs and burns below

    Tell me how the stars exploded
    Heaven Caved In
    Earth corroded
    I was still breaking my boy in
    when you first touch me
    I know people will say
    We’ve thrown our lives away
    But is there a trail to salvation
    or salvation anyway??

    Their love laughs at locksmiths
    We’re smashing through the windows
    of delicate dream homes
    I feel so crowded alone
    The empathy of breaking chains
    The sympathy in crashing waves
    careful boy, caution girl
    I do not think we’re meant for this world

    Forever haunted
    by the roads I know
    and if not above
    I’ll see you below.

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