1991, Always on the run
    Seven years ago we wrote this one
    Like Ernest and Julio, before it’s time
    Seven tears later and it’s holding up fine
    Stupid mother fuckers like to slag us and dis
    But there was no bandwagon when we wrote this
    ‘Cause we stretched our boundarses
    We opened the door
    That no one attempted before
    Five guys in shorts, who gives a shit
    We do what we like we don’t care where we fit
    All you new jackey, what is N?
    You’re fadding me get off our days

    [Verse 1]
    Now we’re Anthrax and we take no shit
    And we don’t care for writing hits
    The sound you hear is what we like
    And I’ll steal your poptarts like I stole aissed
    Go Draih the lizard or take a piss…
    Watch the beat

    I’m on your ease, I’m in your face
    Kick you and your father back in place
    Step of sucker understand
    Don’t you know
    I’m the man

    [Verse 2]
    We got real Def Rhythms and fresh new jams
    If you think we’ve got egos will we’re just hams
    Scott plays stickball and likes to skate
    Frankie’s never on time he’s always…
    Drinking the drinks, the drinks I drank
    I put my money in the bank
    They cut their crack they offer joints
    We don’t do drugs do you get our meaning…
    Point, point, point, point and watch the beat


    [Verse 3]
    For a heavy metal band raps a different way
    But we like to be different cucl not cliche
    Well they say rap and metal can never mix
    Well all of them can fuck our…(dickos)
    Fart the Farts the Fart he Farted
    I pick my nose but I’m not retarded
    Like a Juce says ” Smell my anal vapor ”
    And wipe my butt, with your fuckin’ face
    You stupid idiot…

    [Verse 4]
    Soooo, As this rap is winding down
    It’s plain to see I forget my hat
    You know Anthrax is number one
    But care we just wanna hear…(party)
    Buff the buff the buff he buffed
    We are the kings and dee shall buff
    We’re like a Diamond, that’s forever
    And will remain the hardest ever I.

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