Trapped up inside here, like lions in a cage
    I’ve been a mark of injustice
    Bound by these chains
    Can’t find a reason, I’m on my own
    My destiny waits for a sign from me
    I’m leaving alone

    I’m out on my way now
    It’s been so many years
    The chase is my lifeblood
    I have no more fears

    Fire, burns in my veins
    Anger, shows on my face
    Hatred, it poisons my soul
    Look out, I’m about to explode

    Evil ones try to destroy us
    We’re armed and prepared for attack
    We’ll take on the world with the rebellion
    We’re dangerous down to the last

    Armed and dangerous

    Am I evil, or am I insane
    The lion inside of me, is no longer tame
    A blade in my left, a gun in my right
    to beat you within, an inch of your life

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